Decommissioning Services


eCycle Solutions offers decommissioning services to help with the planning, project management, logistics and on-site services required to remove retired assets from your facility.

Once the assets have to returned to eCycle’s facility, they will be physically destroyed, parts will be harvested or assets will be resold at your direction.

Having one company manage the entire process will save you valuable time and optimize your return associated with your retired assets.

Asset Disposition Services


Detailed Asset Tracking

Our asset tracking services make asset disposition easier. We’ll record the make, model and serial number and any additional information needed (such as asset tags). Along with a Certificate of Destruction, you receive a complete data capture report showing what was received and what was recycled. If you’re interested in exploring resale potential, registration and discovery is the first step to establishing the value of your obsolete assets.

 data wiping  

Data Wiping and Hard Drive Destruction

Whether you want your assets redeployed, resold, warehoused or recycled, ensuring your data and/or hard drives are destroyed is a critical step to ensuring maximum security and reduced liability. We can provide our services within the secure confines of one of our processing facilities or at your location. We can also provide witnessed destruction services within our facilities.


Secure Transportation

With processing facilities across Canada, eCycle Solutions ensures your assets travel the shortest possible distance – reducing environmental impact and keeping your assets secure from point A to B. All our drivers and transport partners are bonded, insured and have criminal background checks for added comfort and peace of mind.



If you’ve instructed us to evaluate your assets for resale potential, we’ll do a full evaluation of your assets to establish if they have value. This includes evaluation against a technology “cut line”, functional assessment, cosmetic grading and market valuation.


Refurbishment / Remarketing

If we’ve established your IT or communications equipment has resale potential, we’ll perform a basic refurbishment to repair and upgrade the assets to enhance their value and maximize return. Assets will be packaged for secure shipment and are sold through a comprehensive network of wholesalers, retailers and end users.


Warehousing and Redeployment

Space is always at a premium and we understand you’re not in the business of storing assets for future deployment. Our warehousing and redeployment services mean you can securely store assets at one of our facilities across Canada for quick and easy deployment to employees or customers on an as need basis, leverage of national footprint to reduce your warehousing costs.



eCycle Solutions provides electronics and electric product recycling services to a wide range of organizations, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs),  retailers, telecom operators, IT systems integrators, leasing companies, other electronics recyclers, municipalities and public facing stewardship organizations.

We offer collection and logistics support, guaranteed data destruction and online reporting. Our facilities operate to best industry and government standards. We are the leading industry voice in driving best practices within the electronic recycling industry.

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